Paterson to run again in Ladysmith

Current councillor confirms intentions

  • Aug. 30, 2011 1:00 p.m.

After much thought and consideration, Coun. Duck Paterson has decided to run again for a spot around the council table.


Paterson said his reasons for re-running are similar to the other declared incumbents — councillors Steve Arnett and Jill Dashwood and Mayor Rob Hutchins — and there are a number of initiatives he would like to continue working on. Two of those being protection of the watersheds and waterfront development.


“I’m not even too sure if it’s going to get done in the next term,” said Paterson about the time needed to find the best scenarios for the waterfront.


Water issues aside, Paterson also wants to see the town continue furthering its relationships with the Stz’uminus First Nation.


“We’ve got a good relationship with our neighbours and I want to see us get more involved together — not just on development, but on community and being neighbours.”


And, at the core of his political drive, is pride in his community. Talking to other people outside the community, Paterson hears how most people hold Ladysmith in high regard.


“I want to help be part of a team that keeps Ladysmith going in the right direction. I think Ladysmith is a funky little place and I enjoy being a part of it.”


“Ladysmith has been good to me and my family and I get a kick out of it.”


But every peak has a valley and council life is not without its challenges.


Paterson recognizes there has been a lot done in the last couple of years, especially given the finite amount of dollars and time available, but still wants to see more opportunities for local youth.


“We’ve got great young kids graduating and going on to further education. Hopefully we can do stuff where they can come back and work if they so choose.”


Being in the public spotlight is no problem for Paterson, who says he enjoys constructive criticism that leads to a goal, but grows tired of people complaining for the sake of griping.

“It’s part of the job.”


Sandy Bowden, chief electoral officer for the city, said the window to formally file papers is between October 4 and October 14.


People can pick up their papers early as there are packages available at city hall, but no one has done so, said Bowden.


To run for council, a potential candidate needs two nominations from Ladysmith residents older than 18. The potential candidate, said Bowden, does not have to be a resident of Ladysmith.


The process is a simple one, said Bowden, and there is no financial deposit required. Before it is official, however, candidates are checked against the province’s ‘bad candidates list,’ reserved for such people as past candidates who have not disclosed their campaign spending and of course, the incarcerated.


For more information, please call 250-245-6400.