Pickup truck drives through shrubs and into a swimming pool — Ladysmith Police Briefs

The Ladysmith RCMP responded to 72 calls for service from Sept. 28 to Oct. 3, including the seizure of 59 marijuana plants.

The Ladysmith RCMP Detachment responded to 72 calls for service during the past eight days.

Friday, Sept. 28

• The Ladysmith RCMP responded to a complaint of a possible impaired driver. The police located the vehicle and detained the driver, who did not appear to have consumed alcohol. An RCMP drug recognition expert assisted and was able to determine that the driver was impaired by drugs and was suspended from driving for 24 hours.

• While the Ladysmith RCMP were investigating the driver impaired by drugs, they received a separate report of a motor vehicle accident on Methuen Street. Upon attendance, the RCMP located a pickup truck that had gone off the road and struck a rock wall. An intoxicated male was found by the vehicle causing a disturbance. The male was subsequently arrested and detained in custody until sober.

• The Ladysmith RCMP conducted an investigation into a residence believed to be growing marijuana on South Watts Road. Upon the police attendance, marijuana plants were found to be growing on the property.  In total, 59 marijuana plants were seized for destruction by the RCMP.

Monday,  Oct. 1

• The Ladysmith RCMP received a report of a hit and run. A vehicle had been parked at the Coronation Mall. When the driver returned after shopping, damage was noted to the side and bumper area of the vehicle.

A suspect vehicle licence plate was obtained by witnesses. The police are continuing the investigation.

Wednesday, Oct. 3

• The Ladysmith RCMP responded to a report of a single vehicle motor vehicle accident.

Upon arrival, the police found a late-model pickup truck had driven through some shrubs and ended up in the swimming pool at the Town and Country Mobile Home Park. The lone elderly male driver was uninjured.

The pickup truck was removed from the swimming pool, and the police are continuing their investigation into the cause of the accident.