Playground should stay, says Ladysmith council

At the April 7 meeting, Ladysmith council decided to ask SD68 to keep playground equipment at École Davis Road after it closes.

Ladysmith town council will send a letter to School District 68 asking for current playground equipment at École Davis Road Elementary to remain at the site.

The recommendation came from the town’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission with ÉDavis Road set to close this June following the completion of the academic year.

Council’s basis for writing the letter is because Town contributed a total of $10,000 towards the equipment way back in order to ensure a playground south of Holland Creek.

The remainder of the money used to buy the equipment was raised by Davis Road’s Parent Advisory Council.

Mayor Rob Hutchins said at the regular council meeting April 7 that “some of the apparatus in particular was very expensive and it would be nice to see that stay in the town.”

Hutchins was backed up by Coun. Gord Horth.

“The feeling is that the equipment was bought and paid for and the town made a contribution of $10,000 towards that, so it shouldn’t be lost to the community,” said Horth at the meeting.


Elsewhere, a motion was passed wherby council has requested town staff to prepare a report looking at the options on proceeding to a referendum regarding the proposed boundary extension for Ladysmith, following the application to do so from TimberWest/Couverdon Real Estate.

The report will be prepared once the climate modelling for Ladysmith’s watershed has been completed.

Council’s other options were to go ahead with a referendum straight away or choose not to proceed with the proposed boundary extension from Couverdon at this time.

The financial costs associated with a referendum will be carried on Couverdon’s shoulders.


Also at the April 7 meeting, council voted to make amendments to the current Dog, Licencing, Control and Ound Bylaw 1995, No. 1155.

Being deleted is Section 13 which states: “No owner of any dog within the municipality shall permit or suffer such dog to trespass on private property within the municipality.”

Section 14 (a) will also be added too and that part will now read: “No owner of any dog shall permit or allow such dog to be at large on any private property other than that of the dog owner, public highway, street, lane, park or any other public place, unless it is accompanied by a competent person and is restrained by that person by means of an adequate leash attached to the dog.”


Council has also received a letter from BC Transit that it will respond too in support of proposed changes to Ladysmith bus routes, as of May 20.

The changes see consolidation of routes 34A and 34B into one trip called Route 34 and it will run along the current 34B alignment.

The first 6 a.m. Route 31 Colonia will be eliminated as it is only used “one to two times per month” according to BC Transit who also stated in its letter to council that “the time gained from these consolidations and one trip removal has been allocated to the remaining trips and also to recovery time.”