Police warn of unauthorized online transactions – Ladysmith Police Briefs

The Ladysmith Detachment responded to a total of 59 calls for service in the past week.

Monday, Jan. 23

} The police responded to a complaint of theft of wire from a Telus control box at the Rocky Creek Marina. The theft resulted in the small loss of wire; however, the theft caused disruptions with financial transactions for the local business. Telus was advised.

} The Ladysmith RCMP responded to a call of a vehicle which had gone off Brenton Page Road near Code Road. The driver lost control of the vehicle after travelling over a patch of black ice and went into the ditch. The police investigated the incident, which had resulted in minor damages to the vehicle. The vehicle’s air bags deployed, and the driver and his passenger received minor injuries. No charges are being recommended.

} The police received a complaint of unauthorized transactions on a MasterCard, resulting in more than a dozen unauthorized online transactions. The MasterCard Security Section is continuing to investigate. In total, on Jan. 23, the Ladysmith RCMP investigated three unrelated fraud complaints involving suspicious account activity. The Ladysmith RCMP wish to remind the public to take steps to protect their personal information and regularly monitor their accounts and statements for unauthorized transactions.

Tuesday, Jan. 24

} On the evening of Jan. 23 and early morning hours of Jan. 24, the Ladysmith RCMP responded to two complaints of disturbances on Penelakut. Both were investigated, and no charges were recommended.

} In the early afternoon, the Ladysmith RCMP received a complaint of two stolen motorcycles. One was a 2006 Yamaha dirt bike, and the other was a 2006 Honda dirt bike. Both were taken from a detached garage at the 1100 block of Rocky Creek Road. The police are continuing to investigate, and anyone with any information is asked to contact the local detachment.

} Police responded to a report of individuals trespassing at the Rocky Creek Marina. The individuals were located and left upon request by the police. No charges were recommended.

} The police received a complaint of a disturbance on Christie Road near Third Avenue. The individuals were located, and the issue was resolved without incident.  Both individuals were from out of town and departed a short time later.

} During the night of Jan. 24, the RCMP responded to an incident in which a piece of metal had blown off a roof and smashed the front window of an office on First Avenue during the windstorm. The police attended and secured the metal, preventing it from causing further damage.

} As a result of the same windstorm the RCMP responded to an alarm at the Bank of Montreal at the Coronation Mall. Investigation revealed that the alarm was false and likely as a result of the windstorm.

Wednesday, Jan. 25

} During the morning of Jan. 25, the Ladysmith RCMP received a complaint of road rage, in which the driver of a vehicle and a semi-truck driver had an altercation.  Both reported infractions by the other, involving vehicles being cut off and stopping suddenly. The police investigated and spoke to both drivers.

} A pink girl’s bike was located on Chemainus Road and turned in to the local detachment. Investigation to date has not located the owner.

} The Ladysmith RCMP received a report of a theft from Home Hardware in Ladysmith. A variety of tools, including socket wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers were stolen along with a “Curadory” knife. The police continue to investigate.  Anyone with any information is asked to contact the local detachment.

} A complaint was received of a lost Kodak digital camera, model C813, which was lost some time in the preceding weeks around the Coronation Mall area.  If anyone has seen or recovered the camera, they are asked to contact the Ladysmith detachment.

} On Jan. 25, the police received a report of a stolen “Phil and Ted’s” three-wheel jogging stroller. The stroller was taken from the carport sometime around Jan. 19.

Thursday, Jan. 26

} In the early morning of Jan. 26, the Ladysmith RCMP responded to three unrelated minor motor vehicle accidents. The accidents were a result of the icy road conditions and were all minor in nature. No charges were recommended.

Friday, Jan. 27

} Around noon, the Ladysmith RCMP responded to a domestic disturbance in progress on Buller Street near Second Avenue. The investigation resulted in one arrest for uttering threats, and the individual was released on conditions to appear in court at a later date.

} During the evening of Jan. 27, the police responded to a possible domestic disturbance on Fourth Avenue. Investigation revealed a verbal dispute and misunderstanding. No charges are being recommended.

} During the evening, the police attended a residence on Fourth Avenue in regard to loud music. The resident was spoken with, and they turned down the music.

Saturday, Jan. 28

} During the early morning, the police responded to a domestic disturbance on Westdowne Road. The resident reported that an individual had entered her home the previous night and was in violation of conditions imposed during a previous arrest. As a result of the investigation, one male was located and arrested. This individual was detained in custody and is to appear in court on Monday.

} The police received a report of a missing youth, who had been missing for the past two days. Investigation by the Ladysmith RCMP resulted in the youth being located in good health in the Saanich area.

} During the past week, the Ladysmith RCMP received nine false alarm or abandoned 9-1-1 calls. Investigation revealed all of these to be false in nature.