Sheila Malcolmson

Sheila Malcolmson

Retirement Security needs to be there

Tom Mulcair and the NDP have a plan to make sure pensions, health care, housing and other services are there when seniors need them.

Retirement Security needs to be there

Federal Election 2015

Everyone deserves to retire with peace of mind and age with dignity. That’s why Tom Mulcair and the NDP have a plan to make sure pensions, health care, housing and other services are there when seniors need them.

An NDP government will reverse the Conservative cuts and protect and strengthen both public and private pensions.

Right now, nearly one third of working Canadians will face a steep drop in their standard of living when they retire. Seven out of ten of us don’t have a workplace pension plan, and even when we do, Canada is one of the only countries in the OECD that does not protect workers’ pensions if their company goes bankrupt.

Over the next 25 years, the number of seniors in Canada will double. We need to be ready. Poverty is on the rise amongst seniors in Canada, especially for women. We can do better and the NDP has a plan for supporting seniors.

Instead of strengthening public pensions, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives raised the age of eligibility for OAS and GIS from 65 to 67. He has refused calls from the country’s premiers to bolster the CCP/QPP, and voted down an NDP motion to expand the plans. Instead of showing national leadership on growing health needs like long-term care, the Conservatives have cut $36 billion from health care while handing out tax breaks to Canada’s richest corporations – tax breaks Justin Trudeau has said they can keep.

Tom Mulcair’s and the NDP have a plan to improve retirement security:

An NDP government will restore the age of retirement to 65, so you don’t have to wait an extra two years to retire.

We’ll boost the Guaranteed Income Supplement and expand the benefits under the Canada and Quebec pension plans.

We will improve protections for workplace pensions when companies go bankrupt, and make sure employers can’t unilaterally change your benefits after you’ve retired.

We know that seniors need more than pensions:

The NDP is the only party with a national seniors strategy, built on consultations with Canadians.

We’ll reinstate door-to-door mail delivery.

We’ll work with the provinces to expand long-term and home care services.

We have a plan to invest in affordable housing, bringing together all levels of government to secure every senior’s right to safe, decent and affordable housing that’s free of unreasonable barriers.

We’ll support caregivers with a tax benefit and stronger Employment Insurance.

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