Say hello to Ladysmith’s first baby of 2012

Weighing seven pounds and eight ounces, Hazel Mosdell came into the world Jan. 3 — just in time to be named Ladysmith's first baby of 2012.

Hazel Mosdell

Hazel Mosdell

Weighing only seven pounds and eight ounces, Hazel Mosdell came into the world on Jan. 3. And while she may have been a little late for the New Year’s celebrations, she came just in time to be named Ladysmith’s first baby born in 2012.

It was a whirlwind trip for mom Jessica Fric, who was at home when she began having irregular contractions.

“I didn’t really think it was happening yet, but we got to the hospital and Hazel was born 45 minutes after we were admitted; it was very fast,” she said.

Like many expecting moms in Ladysmith, Fric had to make the journey to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital to deliver the baby, which made for an interesting drive. After making a call to her husband Jeff Mosdell, who was working in Chemainus at the time, it was off to the hospital.

“He was wanting to pack some snacks and find the right shoes and I was like ‘just get in the car please,’” Fric recalled with a laugh.

Hazel is not the first child for Fric and Mosdell, who have called Ladysmith their home for four years. Two-year-old Hudson is now sharing the spotlight with the little bundle of joy and is happy to do so.

“He is so proud to be a big brother, he is beaming about it,” Fric said. “He really wants to put her in his lap, and he doesn’t understand why we can’t put her down on the floor for him to play with.”

Both say resources like LAFF and facilities like the Forrest Field playground are part of the reason they love living here.

“It’s such a great town to raise a family,” Fric said. “There are lots of other young families around.”

Both are looking forward to the experience of raising a little girl.

“I’m getting grey hairs already,” Mosdell smiled.