Site lets you find your ‘element’ when visiting Vancouver Island

Program directs visitors to places suited to their hearts’ desires

Want to zero in on the kinds of activities you like best and find out where they are offered on Vancouver Island?

Then you – and any visitors you are expecting – might want to try Tourism Vancouver Island’s Find Your Element campaign, a web-based application that allows people to zero on things they like doing so they can produce a list of locations and providers.

Launched April 18 lets people select specific ‘elements of travel’ that appeal to users and then have the program sift through its data base, pulling up providers.

Much like variables in an equation, the travel ‘elements’ are grouped into activities including Culture, Fishing, Marine Activities, Gardens, Sip & Savour, Golfing, Spas, First Nations, Land Activities, and Wildlife,” said Dave Petryk, president and CEO of Tourism Vancouver Island.

“Visitors to the site are encouraged to select up to three choices of ‘elements’, and add to their unique formula which then produces a list of opportunities within those categories.”

Developed by Eclipse Creative in Victoria, Find Your Elements is at the heart of a major promotional campaign being launched by Tourism Vancouver Island.

“We’re very excited about this new campaign because it’s a bold step for our organization and we’re thrilled to be working with Eclipse, Petryk said.

“Tourism Vancouver Island is investing heavily in both television and digital media and aiming our focus squarely on the B.C. and Alberta resident.”