Town of Ladysmith releases annual report

Report to be discussed July 18.

  • Jul. 12, 2011 8:00 a.m.

The Town of Ladysmith has released its draft annual report highlighting what a busy year the town had in 2010.


In the opening remarks, City Manager Ruth Malli states: “2010 marked a record year for the town in the number and magnitude of the capital projects that were underway concurrently.”


Malli points to the creation of Forrest Field (formerly Lot 108) and the new Spirit Square as some of the major successes of 2010.


The report offers a look at the town’s strategic planning and priorities under each department including corporate, core and community services. It also offers a list of the Top 25 projects for 2010 and their status.


But the report is not all about the past, but also concerns where the town will be going in the future.


The annual report contains four pages of goals under the town’s strategic directions for 2012.


Some examples include:

Under wise financial management, provide additional online payment options to property owners.


Goals for Effective Land Use Planning and Community Design run the gamut from the phased review of the waterfront vision to integrating elements of the town’s Visioning document into design guidelines and others.


Streamlining the approval process for businesses, attracting green business and continuing to market Ladysmith are some of the big goals for 2012 in the Dynamic Economic Development.


Under Enhanced Standard of Infrastructure the town hopes to complete its waterwork project and new wastewater treatment facility.


For its Responsible Stewardship of the Environment sector, the town hopes to start acquiring watersheds, look more at water use and conservation and increasing fish stocks.


Goals for Strategic Direction F, or Safe and Healthy Community, the town hopes to have a designated dog park in place.


And in the final category, Supportive Corporate Governance, the town will be orienting any new councillors and/or mayor, completing the updated website and bylaw enforcement and review.


Mayor Rob Hutchins echoed the sentiments that 2010 was a very busy year and there’s more to come.


“We’ve got a full slate ahead of us. There’s never a dull moment in local government.”


The annual report is available online at under city hall click on bylaws, permits and reports.