Town of Ladysmith wants to hear from you

The Ladysmith Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission is conducting a survey about the town’s programs, services and facilities.

The Ladysmith Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission wants to know what you think about the town’s programs, services and facilities.

They are conducting a survey to assess which facilities, parks and trail systems residents are using, find out how they are enjoying them, and determine what areas, if any, are lacking.

“We just want to see what kind of needs are still out there,” said Will Vandergrift, chair of the Parks, Rec and Culture Commission. “We’ll look at it, tabulate it and see if there’s any trends. At that point, we will recommend to council what the residents would like to see.”

Survey information will be used to update the town’s Parks, Recreation and Culture master plan, which was last updated in 2001. Since then, many of the recommendations in the report, such as the development of Lot 108 [now Forrest Field], have been implemented.

“As a commission, we said, ‘OK how are we doing with some of the things that have been implemented, and if some of the recommendations have not been implemented, is there still a desire for them,” Vandergrift said.

Some of the survey questions include asking participants what activities they partake in when visiting Frank Jameson Community Centre, what programs and activities they would like to see offered, what discourages them from participating in certain activities and how they find out information about services and facilities in town.

“It’s good feedback for the town to know,” Vandergrift said. “I know we hear a lot of positives, but it’s nice to get an actual survey.”

The commission has also initiated discussions with local dog owners regarding the need for an off-leash park as part of the master plan’s recommendations.

“We’re working on that right now, and we have a spot in mind,” Vandergrift said.

The surveys must be completed and submitted by June 30. As an added incentive, you can return the survey to the Frank Jameson Community Centre and receive one free admission and be entered in draws for one of several prizes, including a $50 Parks, Recreation and Culture gift card.

Pick up a survey at Frank Jameson Community Centre or complete it online on the town’s website.