Unidentified individual charged with luring a minor in Ladysmith

Police are not releasing the identity of an individual charged with sexual interference of a person under 16, and sexual assault

Information about an individual charged with communicating via computer to lure a child under 18, sexual interference of a person under 16, and sexual assault, is not being released by the police at this time.

The accused appeared at the Duncan Law Courts on Wednesday in relation to the charges, which allegedly occurred in Ladysmith.

However, the News Leader Pictorial has been unable to ascertain any additional information, including the person’s gender, age, or whether he or she remains in custody.

Calls to the Crown were not returned by press time Thursday, while RCMP have said they will not release any information about the case due to a publication ban.

That ban, under section 486.4 of the Criminal Code of Canada, restricts publication of information that could identify a complainant or witness in a sexual offence accusation.

Wednesday’s court appearance was for what’s called an judicial interim release, which means an appearance by an accused who is in custody on the matter before the court, and is used until bail has been granted or denied or the accused has chosen to remain in custody by consent.

The accused had been in custody prior to Wednesday’s court appearance, but it is unknown whether he or she remains in custody, or has been granted bail.