Scaffolding has gone up on the side of the Machine Shop (Marsh Stevens photo)

Scaffolding has gone up on the side of the Machine Shop (Marsh Stevens photo)

Update on Machine Shop renovations presented to council

Prelimiary work has commenced as the Town awaits building permit approval

Upgrades to the Ladysmith Machine Shop are starting to take shape.

Clayton Postings, director of parks, recreation and culture, made a presentation to Town Council at the August 12 general meeting outlining the project.

“A lot of the tenants, as well as other groups are starting to see some developments down there, so we wanted to come to council and make council aware of what’s happening today,” Postings said.

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The Town has commenced pre-construction activities at the Machine Shop. A building permit application was submitted on July 24. In preparation, the Town has begun geotechnical drilling, and an exterior/interior excavation.

Some questions about the aging building remain. Postings will update council once the building permit is approved.

Workers have already discovered a number of electrical issues. Electricians are on-site to ensure the safety of contractors and workers. A hazard assessment was completed on the building. The report came back clear, although there was evidence of lead paint in parts of the building. The roof was listed as possibly containing asbestos, however a subsequent inspection determined the roof was clear of asbestos.

Conversations around a temporary home for the Ladysmith Arts Council, (LAC), are ongoing. Both the Town and the LAC have considered multiple sites within the community to accommodate operations. The Nanaimo Ladysmith School District has offered Davis Road School as a possible space. That option is currently under review.

The budget for the project remains unchanged. Once quotes are received costs will be compared with the estimates and budgt. Current estimates stake the project at $1.3 million and 1.4 million.

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Postings expressed gratitude to the LAC, the Maritime Society, John Marston, and the Historical Society for their cooperation throughout the building process. He said the Town is working to reduce the impact to their businesses.

“We’ve been working as hard as we can, and communicating the best we can in relation to the tenants. They’ve been very cooperative and helpful along the way. I really appreciate all the groups that are down there working together,” Postings said.

The Machine Shop Upgrade Report can be reviewed in full at: