Warning: thieves targetting vehicles

Residents asked to report suspicious activity after four in one night

If you see someone suspicious lurking around your yard, or peering into your car windows, don’t shrug it off.

Call the police.

Ladysmith RCMP say at least five separate thefts from vehicles have occurred in the past week. Four of them were reported in or near the downtown area on the same day, April 28.

By calling in anything suspicious, you may not only prevent similar thefts from smacking your friends, neighbours or yourself, you could also be helping police catch the people responsible.

“Lock vehicles and report suspicious persons and circumstances,” Staff Sgt. Dave Herman said. “Ladysmith RCMP and Citizens on Patrol members will be on patrols.”

The vehicle break-ins reported April 28 were as follows:

• A woman awoke to discover her vehicle had been broken into the previous evening near  Buller Street. Only her insurance papers were stolen. Police say the woman said she left her doors unlocked but will lock them from now on.

• A second woman reported her company vehicle was broken into overnight after the driver side window was smashed. The vehicle was parked near High Street. Again, only the insurance were papers stolen.

• Another complainant reported a van had been broken into over the weekend and the ignition was punched. This occurred in the parking lot of a building near High Street.

• The final theft from a vehicle was reported from a car parked near Oyster Bay Drive. Police say someone attempted to use a screwdriver to start the vehicle, then took a light blue jacket. It is unknown how entry was gained as there was no damage to the vehicle locks other than minor scratches.

Car registration and insurance paper theft is often tied to identity theft.

Anyone with information on these or other crimes can call Ladysmith RCMP at 250-245-2215 or or Crimestoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.