Your Ladysmith Candidates

Council hopefuls state their final case before the municipal election.

  • Nov. 15, 2011 4:00 p.m.

Rob Hutchins

It has been my privilege to serve you as your mayor. I am proud of what we have accomplished as a community. Individually and collectively we have revitalized, renewed, rebuilt, built new, and greened our community.

Ladysmith’s community spirit is second to none. Ladysmith is a community of people who care.  We care about one another. We care about ensuring Ladysmith is a healthy, affordable, complete community where generations can live, work, and play.

Much work has been done. More is ahead to build a truly resilient community. My top priority for the next term is the installation of secondary sewage treatment to do our part to restore the health of our harbour.

I offer you a wealth of experience, a record of strong relations with federal, provincial and neighbouring local governments, and a passion for creating the best possible community. I ask for your support on Nov. 19.



Regan Grill

It has been a pleasure touring the neighborhoods of Ladysmith and meeting the citizens. Your overwhelming support has been encouraging and much appreciated. Thank you to all those folks who have spent time sharing their concerns, expressing their needs and supporting my campaign.

If elected, I would continue to achieve this open and transparent dialogue with continued canvassing, and annual town hall meetings that utilize the hot seat approach instead of show and tell.

As well, I would release as much information regarding in camera meetings as possible, and actively utilize social media to ensure all citizens stay connected and informed.

With my last at-home child beginning pre-school in January, it would be an honour to devote myself full-time to the position and serve our community as mayor.



Steve Arnett

Current council has accomplished much over the last three years but there is still a lot of work to do especially in regard to our long term goal to achieve ownership, control and protection of Ladysmith’s local watershed.

I care deeply about and am committed to this particular issue and all the other many issues our town faces in order to prepare a positive legacy for future generations.

Challenges range from creating a healthy local economy with effective business retention and recruitment strategies through to developing efficient land use policy that stimulates affordable housing stock to attract and enable young families to settle here and raise their children.

Thank all of our residents for the last three years. It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve our community as town councillor. It would be a continuing privilege to work on behalf of our wonderful town again. Shop local!



David Brown

If elected, my four priorities are: economy, environment, relationships with the Stz’uminus First Nations and our need to secure a new fire/rescue hall for Ladysmith.

Regarding the economy, I would like to see immediate action on establishing a RV park and campground at Transfer Beach. In addition, I would like modern signage to be installed on the north and south approaches to Ladysmith. Regarding the environment, I want to see the Liquid Waste Management Plan completed and the secondary sewage treatment installed. I would put my expertise and knowledge on contaminated site remediation towards resolving the issues on our waterfront.

I would like to see Ladysmith and the Stz’uminus First Nations working on mutual objectives. We share common interests and together we can resolve issues.

Our existing fire hall is too small to support modern equipment. I would like to work towards securing funding for a new facility.



Jillian Dashwood

I feel pride in the accomplishments of the past three years and with the people’s support – look forward to the next three years with new opportunities and challenges. High on my priority list will be new OCP’s for downtown, waterfront, and Couverdon areas. Finalizing our Liquid Waste Management Plan (sewer) and finishing the upgrading of our water system. Gaining ownership of our watershed, which will protect our water for generations. Working with Stz’uminus First Nations to help attain their goals for growth and self sufficiency. Working with Ladysmith Fire/Rescue for a new fire hall. Re-uniting the Economic Development Commission and giving them the credibility and mandate to promote business/industry and tourism in our community. Collaborating with BC Housing and other groups for more affordable housing – finishing suites bylaws.  The next three years will be interesting ones – I look for your support Nov. 19!



Bill Drysdale

I believe in neighbours helping neighbours.  I enjoy volunteering in numerous local organizations because I get to work with great people whom are always looking for opportunities to make our friendly town even better.

It is very rewarding to work with neighbours towards a common goal and see the fruits of your labour enjoyed by all.

I have personally observed that Ladysmith council has done an exceptional job over the past several years, balancing our societal wants and needs, with our fiscal reality.

My 28 years of service in the air force has taught me the skills necessary to research and make sometimes difficult decisions.

Friends and co-workers have, for some time, been encouraging me to run for council, believing that I would be a productive voice on the team. I would consider it a great honour to serve you as a new member of Ladysmith town council. Thank You.



Gordon Horth

I have been a local government professional for over 25 years.

As a community builder, I have coached youth soccer for 20 years.

While working in Ladysmith I was involved in a number of important community initiatives, some of them were:

· First Avenue Revitalization

· Transfer Beach remake and Amphitheatre

· Historic Aggie Hall Restoration

· Communities in Bloom

· Trans Canada Highway rebuild

· Holland Creek Trail & Corridor

· Forrest Field (lot 108)

There are numerous challenges ahead for our community and it is critical that we meet those challenges successfully. There is no substitute for experience. I think a proven track record of successes on a variety of projects and issues is a strong indicator that I can work with my fellow councillors, and citizens, to continue to make progress on the path that has made Ladysmith such a great community to live in.


Duck Paterson

Firstly I would like to ask everyone to please take the 15 minutes to go and vote at Frank Jameson.

As a member of a team working for all of Ladysmith I will always put the interests of the majority up front. As a citizen of Ladysmith I will always look at items on the agenda as how they affect our citizens, not just now but in the future.

I wish to encourage council to come up with a communication program written by the folks in the town that do the work. A program that has all the information of the projects that are being done so that all of our citizens know what’s going on and what the costs and outcomes are.

I am proud of our town and enjoy working for the people of Ladysmith, and the citizens can also agree with me, both with my work at city hall as well as my volunteer time with many projects. I hope I can count on your support so that I can continue to be a member of a team that will look after our home for the next three years.



Glenda Patterson

I was born in Scotland, came to Canada a member of the pioneer Battie family.

I am happily married to Gord Patterson and have two children, Susan (Bob) and Gord (Michaela).

I have had 48 years in the medical profession; 30 years of nursing, 17 years as a cancer counselor, 16 years as director of the Miss Ladysmith pageant, past vice president of the Hospital Auxillary, 18-year member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and was Ladysmith’s citizen of the year in 1992.

I have a passion for people and their needs. If I can eliminate some fears and put a smile on their face I’m happy. We have seen extraordinary changes over the years, some exciting, some difficult. Ladysmith has always been a very supportive community. I am proud to reside here. I am hoping to be part of the community as your voice and devote time to the residents of Ladysmith and with your support Nov. 19, I will work hard for you.



Bruce Whittington

Ladysmith, our town, has been blessed with serendipitous geography and a hardworking townspeople that have a unified vision for its future. On the road forward we face challenges in order to take our community where we want to go.

The American soprano Beverley Sills once claimed that there are no short cuts to any place worth going; we are not alone in having a dream that will involve hard work, compromises and challenges.

We can’t do it for free; there will be costs. But we can bring it closer with ingenuity and tenacity, with collaboration and with the collective will of a remarkable small town.

I’ve been proud to serve you in the past three years, and with your support I will pursue your vision—because I believe it is my vision, too.

Please come out to vote—for your Ladysmith.