Audience refreshing

Council chambers was uncharacteristically filled to the brim on Feb. 7.

Council chambers was uncharacteristically filled to the brim on Feb. 7.

One would like to think it was for the public hearing for the OCP and zoning changes to accommodate changes to riparian legislation and bike path, but no dice. Those passed without a single comment, question or concern.

The crowd was also visibly different from the local colour who usually fill out a handful of seats to witness civil proceedings.

The group of young students, mostly skaters, were there to address council alongside the members of the Vancouver Island Leadership Society to them about new plans and progress on the Ladysmith Skatepark.

The park, they said, is in decay and in desperate need of upgrades, for enjoyment and safety.

And their price tag was not a jaw-dropper, the groups are only seeking another $12,000 maximum to complete the park. They have already raised $19,000 of in-kind donations and need the money for costs such as concrete.

While council genuinely seemed encouraged by the presentation, they were not able to dole out the dollars on the spot.

It is refreshing to see the youth actively taking part in the proceedings instead of just complaining and nothing ever getting done.

The initiative, enthusiasm and clarity these youth showed during the presentation is welcome sign for the future.

Getting the youth involved with the fundraising and building of the park will foster a respect not only for the skatepark itself, but for the work it takes to see a project through to the end.