BCTF hiring of a social media co-ordinator a joke

Joe Sawchuk thinks the salary for a social media co-ordinator for the B.C. Teachers' Federation is a joke.


What comes around goes around. Unbelievable!

Maybe it is time for the teachers of B.C. to ask [British Columbia Teachers’ Federation president] Susan Lambert what is going on in the world of their federation.

The B.C. Teachers Federation is hiring a social media co-ordinator at a yearly salary of $92,696 being funded by the teacher’s union dues. In comparison, a social media development manager with the B.C. government is paid a salary of $58,511.52 per year, and a communicatons job with the University of Victoria pays a salary of $53,399 per year.

What a joke when a teacher has to have a university degree to be employed.

Joe Sawchuk