Become informed

Letter writer disappointed in school board candidates meeting turnout



I attended the well organized All Candidates Forum at Ladysmith Intermediate School to help me make an informed decision on whom I shall choose for next three years to serve on the Board of Education, SD68 Nanaimo/Ladysmith.

How disappointing it was to see only 40 people in attendance, some of whom were spouses/partners of candidates and others supporters of Nanaimo based candidates. Where were the residents of Ladysmith? Do they not care about public education in our town? Where is the squeak in our wheels?

Ladysmith schools serve our children well but there are many issues that should spur residents, parents and teachers to voice their needs and opinions.

Issues include: achievement, First Nations, individualized 21st Century learning, early learning initiatives, budgeting and facilities.

Ladysmith has definite needs and it will lack a voice on the new board unless its residents get involved.

Please vote responsibly in the election. You have 13 candidates from which to choose the nine trustees to take the district and Ladysmith forward with 21st Century strategies.

Get informed by calling people you know within the public education system: teachers, school administrators, employees and retired trustees.

You owe it to our children to be an informed, responsible voter on November 19. Get everyone out to do their civic duty.

Ron Dale