Better way for Chemainus

Letter to the Editor

There was a glaring omission in the municipality’s press release outlining North Cowichan’s ‘capital funding strategy’ saying that MNC will finance an array of building projects with modest tax increases. In fact this ‘plan’ depends on the municipality acquiring $3.5 million through the sale of part of Chemainus’ Echo Heights Forest lands.

The subject property consists of very rare Coastal Douglas Fir forest and Garry Oak ecosystems. It has been used as a park by local residents for generations and as a field study site by schools and Universities over the past decade.

This sale of valuable public property (in an iffy real estate market) is a hidden tax and one that our children and future generations will pay.

The plan of this council is to finance basic infrastructure by selling off public assets. How can this be sustained over the long term? What will be sold next? How will future citizens provide for themselves after we have destroyed their birthright?

It is time for the adults in the room to pay for what they want rather than stealing from their children and grandchildren. There is a better way.

Kathy Wachs