Boundary extension not viable for town

Vera Robinson would like to see a feasibility study of the last 10 years before considering expanding Ladysmith's boundaries.


Before any consideration of any boundary extension of the Town of Ladysmith, there needs to be a feasibility study of the last 10 years:

1. Of all the new homes built — i.e. how many residents in each new home, their age, their education, the number of their dependents and where these dependents live

2. A population graph, as I ask why, with so many of these homes adjacent to the Davis Road School, the school board felt the need to close that school

3. The average age of the whole workforce that is still present in Ladysmith — i.e. sawmill workers, transport drivers, teachers, health care staff, physicians, tradespeople, etc., etc.

4. The number of empty business buildings

As Ladysmith, to my mind, is treading the same path as other communities, i.e. Qualicum, where the average age of that community population is too high to be viable.

It is obvious to me that this town council of Ladysmith is much too interested in the tax dollars from new residence homes, where the interest, to my mind, should be in keeping a young workforce at home.

Also, I do not understand how voting on a boundary extension for the Town of Ladysmith protects watersheds.

Vera M. Robinson