Counter proposal

Editor: The property owners in North Chemainus are invited to attend the meetings to evaluate a proposal to develop the Echo Heights area. The fact that council organizes those meetings does not, in any way, indicate that it supports the proposal to turn this area into a town site. Council routinely has to evaluate development proposals for which it needs the opinion of the property owners and by calling for a public meeting it makes sure that those opinions are being registered. Council can only vote yes or no after those required meetings have been held. If it is no, the developer has the right to make changes in his plans and submit new plans after they have incorporated the wishes of property owners. This process can go on and on. It costs time and money, but generates an income for local consultants and map makers.Because many owners like to see a handsome profit on the sale of their property, or a substantial value increase on the real estate value, it is very (it can not be overstated) important that every property owner attends those meetings and make sure that his opinion is being heard. This is how democracy works. If a number of property owners feel insecure about the outcome of this council vote, they can band together to submit a counter proposal for a nature preserve including paths ways for tourists and a system of guided walks. The presence of a nature reserve may also increase the real estate values and this has this appeals to the towns people and the railway company. It is often advantageous to use an attractive counter proposal, than limit yourself to a negativism. Your attack comes from an unexpected direction and gets the attention. Get to work and you will gain the upper hand quickly.Nick Meijer Drees Ladysmith