Cowichan Valley Teachers’ Federation calls for trustee by-election

The president of the Cowichan Valley Teachers' Federation hopes the government will allow a by-election in School District 79.


Editor’s Note: This letter to Education Minister Don McRae was copied to the Chronicle.

Dear Don:

A grave situation has occurred in School District No. 79.

The government has silenced the voice of our community through replacing our democratically-elected trustees with a government appointee. As a teacher yourself, you know the serious implications this action has on our Valley.

Already, there have been proposed changes to a policy, which once passed, will allow for the district to create its own guidelines to manage itself with neither public feedback nor consultation nor awareness.

In addition, the board committees, which were formally run by elected trustees, will not be meeting as they have in the past, as the appointed official simply cannot do the valued work of nine elected individuals, as he has serious time constraints due to his other commitment — the operation and leadership of the largest district in the province.

It is our hope that you will allow for an opportunity to restore public confidence in our school board and in our provincial government by working with that body to allow a by-election within 60 days.

Thank you,

Naomi Nilsson

President, Cowichan Valley Teachers’ Federation