Don’t spiritually burn out

The Canucks are off to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in 17 years! Yes!!!

If you have been watching the first two rounds of the Canucks run to the Cup, you know that it has been an emotional roller-coaster ride for the fans. From the despair of giving up a 3-0 lead over the hated Chicago Blackhawks to the elation of the Alex Burrows overtime winner in Game 7.

The turbulent ride continued in the second series against Nashville. Predators’ goalie Pekka Rinne struck fear into our collective heart with his Vezina Trophy-worthy net minding.

Lucky for us, Ryan Kesler dug deeper than a Klondike miner.

Canucks defenceman Kevin Bieksa, when asked about Kesler’s outstanding play stated, “Kes really elevated his game in this series. I think he did it with, more so than skill, with will and determination.”

Canucks GM Mike Gillis said, “His energy level is extraordinarily high. He’s just playing lights out and is dragging people along with him.”

But what about when it comes to our spiritual life? How are we to approach it? Are we to give it a Ryan Kesler-type all-out effort? Are we to do the opposite and just let it happen to us? Fortunately the Bible points us towards a much healthier and sustainable option.

In Colossians 1:29, the Apostle Paul writes, “To this end I labour, struggling with all of Christ’s energy, which so powerfully works in me.” Paul’s effort and the sustaining energy and power of Jesus working through him; a beautiful combination. If you are going to sustain a lifetime of meaningful spiritual activity and service to others – Colossians 1:29 is the key.

To try and “do it all yourself” will only lead to burnout. To take the passive role, on the other hand, doesn’t take our God given free-will seriously enough. This third option is when our choice and Christ’s power together in perfect unity.

That kind of spiritual life will take us all the way to a victorious sip from Lord Stanley’s famous mug. Go ’Nucks!

-Darin Phillips