Editorial March 29 – Pulling Together

The earthquake off the coast of Japan and its resulting tsunami provided us with some of the most graphic, horrifying images and stories we have seen in the last few years.The sight of cars desperately trying to escape the oncoming wave only to get swallowed up was enough to send chills down the spine of any moviegoer — except that it was actually happening.Perhaps one of the hardest parts of the whole ordeal was the fact there was precious little we could do at the time except watch in shock.Just as horrifying is the fact it could just as easily be  us. While we don’t have a nuclear plant on the Island to worry about, we do sit on a notorious earthquake zone and at any moment can find ourselves in the direst of consequences.Things are different now, as the Japanese people try to reorganize, restructure and regain control of everything, people all over the world are now coming together to make to what they can to let a nation of people across the Pacific know we are thinking of them.But people don’t fundraise because they would want others to do the same Groups all over the Island, including here in Ladysmith and Chemainus, are banding together to raise what they can for the cause.In Ladysmith, people from Rotary, the local church and arts community are holding an event at Ladysmith Secondary and people in Chemainus are holding a concert to string together support.Do what you can to be a part of these benefits. Not only do they help the people of Japan, but can remind us of our ability to mobilize and bolsters our sense of community.

— The Chronicle