Editorial May 3 – Dedicated honour

They could have named it anything. They could have done something obvious like the Ladysmith Highlands or 49th Parallel Pitch or any number of names that could have easily fit the new turf field at the end of Fourth Avenue.To be honest, anything is better than having to call it the (take deep breath) Lot 108 artificial, all-weather (take another breath) turf field.For those who visit, there is no denying it is a flashy piece of real estate.And, it is only going to get better as the town awaits the final additions of two new ball fields, a playpark and final landscaping.Finally the field has a name to it and action is heating up along with the weather.Under a sunny sky and to great fanfare the field was named after Denny and Mary Forrest who have served in various capacities around town for several years.Forrest Field can be considered the highest type of recognition for hard working pairs like the Forrests, or the Crams — whom the surrounding road has been named after.This is not something like a monetary or tangible reward, volunteers are not driven by that.And this is so much more than receiving any kind of award for achievement. These families have been immortalized along with many founding, standout members of this town, and several British Generals during the Boer War.The Chronicle would also like to thank the Crams and Forrests for everything they have done for the residents of Ladysmith.It’s the tireless efforts of people like these that make Ladysmith a great place to live.Now play on.