Expand Ladysmith’s trolley service

Rita Koenen agrees Ladysmith's trolley service should be expanded.


I’d like to add my opinion and a thank you … for the excellent letter written by Walt Hatcher that said: Expansion is the answer to our trolley situation.

I couldn’t agree more.

I’m going to be 82 years old in just a few weeks. I can still drive, but I don’t know for how much longer that will be true. I live on Shell Beach Road.

I would gladly pay a bus fee to get around. I wouldn’t have to worry about moving away from the home I love because I might become house-bound.

I have often given rides to some of our First Nations people too; many of them seniors. I see them walking with their groceries, and I think it’s just terrible. Each of them has also said to me that they wish there was a bus, and they would gladly pay bus fare.

There are many seniors all over this area. They either cannot drive, or don’t have transportation.

Yes, please Ladysmith, expand your services. I’m sure that many more people would use a bus if it were available in a wider region.  And the fact is that there would be less carnage, less congestion and less carbon emission.

Rita Koenen