Expand trolley route

Walt Hatcher says the answer to the Ladysmith trolley issue is expansion.


Now let’s get this straight: with the price of gasoline and diesel fuel all going up, the price of a car or truck absolutely ridiculous and the carnage on our Island steadily increasing, there are some people who want to get rid of our trolley bus system in Ladysmith because nobody is riding on it?

What is the problem?

I ride it, and I don’t know why other people don’t.

The price is right, the drivers are courteous, but you show me a bus driver who has not lost his cool, and I will show you a liar.

I think the answer to Ladysmith’s trolley bus system is expansion and the adding of at least one more trolley and the expansion of their route out Rocky Creek Road then on to Husky gas station, on to Brenton Page Road to Shellbeach Road and back to Code Road and out to the Chuckwagon Store and then return to Ladysmith.

To the south, [expand the route]as far as Byron’s Store or the Saltair Pub, back through the subdivision and return to Ladysmith. Why can’t we do something like this for the people of Cedar, Ladysmith and Saltair?

Expand, expand. Think positive, not negative because you’re never over the hill in Ladysmith.

When I first came to Ladysmith, it was a bit of a hub city — logs from Nanaimo Lakes, the Nitnat logger from Lake Cowichan, down to Westholme then into the log dump at Ladysmith. People worked at the Chemainus Mill and lived in Ladysmith. Yes, Ladysmith was the hub city for the Island and the people of this immediate area.

Let’s keep that trolley bus because you are never over the hill in Ladysmith.

Walt Hatcher