Farewell Ladysmith

Chronicle reporter Niomi Pearson says goodbye after one and a half years at the paper.

Between you and me, I’m terrible at saying goodbye.

And I don’t mean “goodbye” in the daily hustle and bustle greeting sense of the word.

When it has meaning, saying goodbye can turn this mild-mannered reporter into an awkward, stuttering mess.

And let’s face it — experience has conditioned us to reject and dread goodbyes because they’re so very unpleasant. Everything from leaving a beloved first grade teacher behind to countless pets lost to the rainbow bridge teaches us that goodbyes are sad because they separate you from something you love.

And with the finality of my last two weeks at the Chronicle upon us, I find myself in the difficult position of penning this public farewell. As you read these words, I will have already begun my first day back at the Chronicle’s sister paper, the Nanaimo News Bulletin.

But the truth of the matter is Ladysmith doesn’t deserve a goodbye. Because that unpleasant word is not a fitting reflection of the last year and a half I have spent working in this community.

In the last year and a half, I have been privileged to be able to tell your stories and capture, in photograph, your achievements, your good times and your hopes for the future. You all care about your community, and it shows.

I came to Ladysmith because of my job, but I will continue to return because, like those of you who live in this community, I have come to discover what a beautiful gem little Ladysmith is. I can’t wait to see how the town continues to grow in the coming years.

And whether it’s sneaking a Bouma’s deli or Old Town Bakery fix, lounging at gorgeous Transfer Beach, Festival of Lights, Brits on the Beach or the many things that make Ladysmith such a great place to be, you haven’t seen the last of me.

Until next time, Ladysmith.

— Niomi Pearson