Five small town resolutions to build community spirit

A guest editorial offers resolutions to help the community build a bright and happy future together.

Being born in, moving to or visiting a small town is definitely a different experience, whether you were born here and never left, moved away and moved back, relocated to or are thinking of relocating… or maybe you have just stopped in for the weekend by bus, boat or vehicle.

No matter how you got here, here we all are together, so here are some new year’s resolutions to help the community build a bright and happy future — together!

5 small town resolutions to build community spirit!

Starting Jan. 1, as a small town resident, resolve to:

1. If I am young (which in Ladysmith is anything under 80 or so…) be aware that I live in a retirement community and understand that the elderly are in need of patience while driving, walking and talking.

2. If I am old (which in Ladysmith is anything over 30 or so…) be aware that young people live here too and allow them their growing pains and give assistance or guidance without judgement. I will remember that their character is still in development, and experiencing life is a major part of that process.

3. If I am new (which in Ladysmith means you were not born here) I will try to not take offense when after 20 years, someone says, “So you’re new here.”

4. If I am “born and raised” (which in Ladysmith means born from Symonds Street to Roberts Street) I will try to remember that the town was originally built by new people who came and saw opportunity and beauty.

5. As a resident (which, if you are reading this paper, is you) I will resolve to remember that I make up a part of this town and every effort that I give DOES make a difference. From shopping local and picking up trash to taking the time to share a smile in the street, our combined love for Ladysmith makes this town really neat!

Ladysmith is made up of wonderful people, just like you. Keep up the good work and see you next year!

—Submitted by Cathleen McMahon