Former patients extend well wishes to ‘kind, meticulous’ physician

Ron and Theresa Kowall wish Dr. Vivan Kilvert well as she departs Ladysmith Family Practice Clinic.


We were surprised to see the front page of the Chronicle Tuesday, August 13, and find that Dr. Vivan Kilvert will no longer be at the Ladysmith Family Practice Clinic as we were not notified this was happening.

Since we were patients of the clinic, my husband and I found her to be an excellent doctor.

She was kind, understanding and meticulous in dealing with our problems.

We had medical students stay with us who were impressed with her teaching skills.  They all enjoyed working at the Ladysmith Family Practice Clinic.

Dr. Kilvert will be missed and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Ron and Theresa Kowall