Full support for teachers

Eleven-year-old Colton Van Der Minne stands behind his teachers.


I’m writing this letter to voice my opinion on the teachers’ strike.

First, let me say I fully support the teachers. The government is supposed to be the voice of the people, but they’re not. They’re the voice of themselves. They could care less about teachers, about my education, about children.

Teachers want to help children. They want the future population to have a chance in life. They’re trying to speak out, to make that happen. But the government is just legislating teachers back to work, silencing them.  It’s WRONG.

By legislating teachers back to work, they’re saying they don’t care about students and teachers alike. Students are probably suffering from poor learning standards more then they’re suffering from missing a few days of school.

And of course, to make themselves look like the heroes, the government makes Bill 22, or the “Education Improvement Act.” Which really doesn’t improve education, in fact it probably makes education worse.

I’ve had it with premiers/parties that are stuck up and care about nothing but themselves and money.

Not convinced? Take the HST for example. It didn’t so long for the HST to be set up, yet it’s taking a long time for the HST to be shut down. Why? The government wants to suck every last ounce of money out of the people before they close the HST.

I support teachers fully and congratulate them for taking a stand.


Colton Van Der Minne, 11