Great time to jump in

Take part in local politics

Democracy works best with choices.


That was one of the sentiments expressed by Mayor Rob Hutchins last week when he talked about seeking another term in the mayor’s chair.


It is an idea that is the cornerstone of our democratic  society — people need a good selection to make a good choice.


As municipal elections near, now is the time to start thinking about the issues important to you and what kind of representative you want to send to office to fight for, or against, them.


Each councillor is a different person. While they are there to represent the community as a whole, they are individuals with their own outlooks, interpretations and priorities.


Take some time to get to know the people running for office to understand a little of where they are coming from and what is guiding them in their decisions-making.


Council meetings are a great place to get started. There are two a month, the first and third Monday of every month, and they provide an excellent lens to view how things get done and who pushes for what.


Maybe the best person to represent the things you think are important, is you!


If ever you wanted to put your plans and thoughts into action now is the time. The town is on the cusp of a lot of important decisions and it is not the time to sit on the sidelines.


And if municipal politics is not your thing, there is always school board and several other levels of governance in town.


For more information on running for public office, call city hall at 250-245-6400.