Health care responses found wanting

RE: Federal Election 2015 candidates’ response to Health Care Issue-Summary


RE: Federal Election 2015 candidates’ response to Health Care Issue-Summary

I am a health care professional who has worked 15 years in all facets of the public health care system, so I think I am qualified to make a few comments on this topic.

I was disappointed with all of the candidates’ responses to the issues facing the Canadian Health Care system.

The fact that Paul Manly (Green Party) didn’t submit a response to one of the most important and costly issues facing Canadians is astounding and unacceptable.

Sheila Malcolmson (NDP) used one-third of her 250 words criticizing the Conservatives. Focus on the question Sheila and provide an intelligent response so that the public can make an informed choice.

You say the NDP will “adapt Medicare to the challenges of the 21st century”, which means what exactly?

Tim Tessier (Liberal) stated his party wants to modernize the system. What does that even mean? What aspects of the system are you referring to, specifically?

He mentions the challenge of finding a family doctor? Is this his opinion or an issue the Liberals will address?

Mark MacDonald (Conservative) used one-third of his 250 words describing the successes of the Conservative government instead of answering the question.

And his rhetoric on the Canada Health Transfer didn’t answer the question either.

His response to what opportunities there are to improve health care coverage, is ‘building strong economies to fund the health care system.’ Okay, but tell us how the Conservatives plan to do that.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised by the rhetoric! But I do think these candidates can be more succinct and thoughtful in their responses if they want people to vote for them.

Tania RossLadysmith