I will no longer contribute to Canadian Cancer Society

Adrian Rice urges public to rethink its support for an organization that spends "80 cents of every dollar donated" on wages and fundraising


Re: Closing of Ladysmith office of the Canadian Cancer Society

It seems that the CCS does not consider a return on investment in excess of 1,000 per cent (a cost of $5,500 for the office and utilities in return for $69,000 collected) sufficient reason to continue to provide an office for the Ladysmith volunteers.

How many businesses would love to have that problem?

On closer reading of your article by Nick Bekolay, we see that 80 cents of every dollar donated is eaten up by wages and fundraising costs, not by the volunteers in locations such as in Ladysmith, but by 144 full-time and 133 part-time employees, many earning well in excess of $100,000. This only leads me to believe that we should all look more closely into charitable organizations before rushing to give them our hard earned money.

I, for one, will no longer contribute my money to support the good life enjoyed by the 277 paid employees of the CCS in British Columbia.

Adrian Rice