I wonder how long it will take to remove barge debris?

Brent Browning writes about the debris that is part of the disposal of the barge in Ladysmith Harbour.


I took my dog Bosco for a walk to Slack Point, and all seemed the same ‘till I saw the huge pile of creosoted wood debris that has been created after tearing the barge apart.

Wow! I just couldn’t help but think, “Why bring this barge here? Why let it sit on this beach rather than just pull it up on the Chemainus beach and tear it apart there, where it came from?”

Now I know, this would have been a real mess there. It would have been a huge protest about the mess it created. It would have had to be dealt with fast, and may have cost huge dollars to make it go away. So let’s bring it to Ladysmith, where the point is already a mess, and no one cares, and tear it apart there! Oops, I guess it will still cost too much money, so let’s leave it there ‘till we can figure out where to dispose of it, cheaply. No one cares about that beach. Yep that seems to sum it up.

Funny how things work. I get home and look at the Chronicle and there is a story of the barge that is to be torn apart, and maybe there will be more cleanup done? I wonder how long it will take?

Brent Browning