‘Imaginary’ City Hall conversation is accurate

Don Harrison believes Ladysmith leadership has no interest in anything progressive.


Re: An imagined City Hall conversation (July 24)

I read with great amusement Mr. Garth Gilroy’s letter to the editor in the July 24 issue.

Mr. Gilroy’s letter is very accurate even though he records it as imaginary.

Unfortunately for the Ladysmith taxpayers, we are once again saddled with a town governing body completely devoid of entrepreneurial ability — experience or even interest.

Mr. Gilroy accurately describes within his imaginary account the confusion and inability to recognize that Ladysmith is suffering very badly from leadership that has no interest in anything progressive.

We have a town wallowing in opportunities to develop into an exciting and wonderful place to visit; however, if we are lucky enough to have a visitor, where does he or she sleep? Where can a visiting recreational vehicle park and spend a few days exploring Ladysmith?

We see the vacationers passing our town every day for greener, friendlier locations north of us. The sad thing about this is they are spending their money elsewhere, not in Ladysmith.

It’s almost like watching a poor blind dog in a well-stocked butcher shop.

Don Harrison