It’s Christmas on Vancouver Island

Ann Benson of Yellow Point sent us a Christmas poem inspired by CBC host Stephen Quinn.


Editor’s Note: Ann Benson of Yellow Point sent us this Christmas poem inspired by CBC Radio host Stephen Quinn.

It’s Christmas in Vancouver

Vancouver Island too.

From ‘Hardy to Victoria

Tofino to Nanoose.


Citizens are stringing lights

On businesses and streets.

Some houses have a grand


Some glowing candle light.


Besides the happiness they bring

Lights have another job.

They show a path for Santa Claus

Through Christmas rain and fog.


If we had snow, Old Santa Claus

Could surely find his way.

Its reflective white in bright moonlight

Would make the night like day.


But we have rain and low’ring clouds,

Howling winds as well

That gobble up the natural light

And make navigation …



So each year the people mark

A path with coloured lights

To guide Old Santa on his trek

Around the world at night.


Ann Benson

Yellow Point