It’s clear council intends Ladysmith to double in size

Ann Rogers of Ladysmith wonders why the Town is building a sewage plant to service 18,000 people when the population is 8,328.


I’ve been wondering for a few years now (usually around the time I get my sky-rocketing property tax bill) why the Town has been building a sewage plant to service 18,000 people, when our population is 8,328.

This is, the mayor tells us in his community update published in the Chronicle of March 11, “the largest capital project ever undertaken in the Town of Ladysmith.” We’re also constantly reassured that, with “water system improvements” (wait, don’t put your wallet away yet) we will have the potable water resources to serve a population of 18,000.  It’s pretty clear that the town council intends Ladysmith to more than double in size. Maybe they’re hoping to create a ridership for the bus service?

If the consultation process around the proposed Couverdon boundary extension seems sketchy, it’s probably because they don’t want us to interfere with their schemes; they only want us to pay for them until the rest of the population gets here.

Ann Rogers