It’s the Town’s last chance to do the right thing

D'Ann Sherstone of Ladysmith thinks this is the Town of Ladysmith's last chance to do the right thing about 410 Third Ave.


We now have a Supreme Court judgement that confirms what we, as a community, have known all along. That the “garage” constructed at 410 Third Ave. is in violation of our bylaws here in Ladysmith.

There have been a lot of accusations flying around about how this building was allowed to be built and occupied as a dwelling. Common sense tells me that Ladysmith City Hall, the Town, should know our bylaws better than anyone — after all, they are responsible for enforcing them.

Whether this is the result of dishonesty or an oversight, it is time for the Town to stop defending the situation.

The Court has ruled; we have an Order.

It is my understanding that the Court Order leaves it up to the Town to enforce the terms of the Order.

My concern is how situations in the future will be impacted by how the Town enforces our bylaws regarding this specific situation.

To the Town I say: I think this is your last chance to do the right thing.

D’Ann Sherstone