Jaedyn’s family says thank you

Tara Hicks and Paul Amann extend their 'heartfelt gratitude' to the community for all the support they have received.


On behalf of the family of the late Jaedyn Amann, Paul Amann and Tara Hicks would like to extend heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the many gracious and caring people who put in so much time and energy to plan and assist with the amazing fundraisers held recently in Ladysmith, as well as the local businesses for contributing their services in order to help Jaedyn’s family.

The support has been tremendously appreciated.

The list of people to thank goes on and on, and for that reason, the family gratefully acknowledges the wonderful support you have shown them over the past few weeks.

Ladysmith is a very special place, and Jaedyn too would have been so proud to see the love and support you have all given during this time.

Thank you.

Tara Hicks and Paul Amann

Cedar and Watson Lake