Kilvert will be missed

Former colleague dismisses budget-associated concerns as cause for Kilvert's departure, assures readers she will be missed.

Kilvert will be missed


With regard to Dr. Vivan Kilvert‘s dismissal from the Ladysmith Family Practice Clinic the article suggested Dr. Kilvert had exceeded budgetary limits.  This is entirely erroneous.  Having retired from clinical practice two and a half years ago, I’m not entirely privy to the inner workings of the clinic and the reasons for her contract termination are somewhat of a mystery.  What I do know, having had the privilege of working with her for many years, is that Dr. Kilvert is an excellent physician whose clinical acumen and care for patients is above reproach.  Furthermore she is an examiner for the Medical Council of Canada, instrumental in certifying new family physicians, and has been consistently lauded by UBC and Island Medical School programs for excellence in teaching medical students and residents.  These qualities speak for themselves.

She will be greatly missed by her patients and colleagues.

Dr. Chris Fritsch