Kudos to volunteers from the Ladysmith Maritime Society

Don Harrison of Ladysmith is thankful for the Ladysmith Maritime Society for its work in increasing visits by boaters.


Thank God for volunteers.

The visits by boat traffic to the Ladysmith Harbour has been increasing dramatically in spite of the lack of concrete action or imagination by the Ladysmith town fathers.

This incredible increase has been the result of hours and hours of hard work by the volunteers of the Ladysmith Maritime Society.

This dogged tenacity has resulted in an increase of 56 per cent in one-night moorage visits.

Now if this harbour of ours offered something of interest along the shoreline, I am positive that the one-night moorage visits would have been extended into two-night or three-night visits and would also have been a boost in activity along First Avenue.

I am positive the relentless activities of the members in the Ladysmith Maritime Society will attract the attention of the senior governments and eventually bring about positive development and improvement to our harbour.

Keep your fingers crossed and your hopes active and alive.


Don Harrison