Ladysmith basks in glow of a successful Arts on the Avenue

Arts on the Avenue committee is still glowing in the aftermath of a successful event.


It has been over a week since Arts on the Avenue and the AOA committee is still glowing in the aftermath of a successful event.

What made it so successful? Yes the organization team deserves some credit, but others do too. The artists who said “we’ll be back next year”, the art council demos, the food artisans and the community organizations who took part, as well as the 6,000 people who strolled under the big white tents all deserve recognition.

But there’s more! Success happens when a town embraces an event. All the businesses who help financially sponsor this event with large and small donations, they all count. The people who were inconvenienced by the street closure and were gracious enough to understand, the fire department and their guidance for a better and safer street plan and the police and Citizens on Patrol who kept an eye on the setup.

The Town of Ladysmith’s workers who provide street barricades and extra garbage cans and the businesses who donated 10 x 10 tents — all 19 of them, they contribute to the success. The United Church who provides tables and chairs each year, the hospital who lend us table clothes and most importantly the volunteers who show up on the day, roll up their sleeves and get to work.

To all of those people I want to say thank you. Thank you for doing what you do and for helping Ladysmith be the amazing town it is and for the remarkable people who share their time each and every year.

Thanks you and see you August 2015 for Arts on the Ave.

Kathy Holmes