Ladysmith Food Bank volunteers are real heroes

On behalf of the Ladysmith Food Bank, Caroline Davidson thanks the volunteers, past and present, for their help.


The volunteers working for the Ladysmith Food Bank are real HEROES.

At least one volunteer is working for the Food Bank on each day of the week, and many are working on Mondays and Tuesdays. They help with bagging, handing out bags on the Tuesday distribution days, picking up donations from Safeway and 49th Parallel, trucking donations from events like the Cinnamon Bun Fun Run or the Kinsmen Hot Dog Events or the many smaller events held by Ladysmith residents to stock the Food Bank shelves.

Others pick up day-old bread from various stores or purchase food from Russell Farms or local stores, or help transporting donated food to the Old Food Bank at the corner of Buller Street and First Avenue.

Our volunteers help to sort the food donated and stored (temporarily) at the Old Food Bank by stacking cases of chicken or mushroom soup on the floor or jars of peanut butter on the shelves where they wait until the quantity is enough to fill the needs of a distribution day. Volunteers load the truck and stack the goods on the New Food Bank shelves to be ready for the clients.

All these people are helping the 350 or so clients who come to get a bag or family box each Tuesday morning.

Recently, a woman on the volunteer list called Irene, the Volunteer Co-ordinator, to say that she would not be available to help for the next few months while she undergoes treatment for cancer. She assured Irene that she still wanted to be on the list in the near future when she has finished her treatments.

Hundreds of people have helped over the years. Kit Wilmot worked from 1998 until his death last year. He taught and guided many of our present volunteers. Many of us have followed his example, too many to name here.

The Ladysmith Food Bank thanks all of you volunteers, past and present, for your help. Lots of time, or an hour or two — it all adds up to making our Food Bank available to the residents who need the help.



Caroline H. Davidson

Ladysmith Food Bank