Ladysmith RCM-SAR amazed by donation

The Ladysmith RCM-SAR thanks Betty Weibe for donating $1,100 towards a new rescue vessel.


As a part of Ladysmith Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCM-SAR)’s ongoing fundraising for a replacement rescue vessel, Ladysmith resident Betty Weibe contacted us and said that after reading a newspaper article as to our needs and activities, she decided to assist in raising funds by selling her homemade fudge in the local area.

After hearing her efforts, I was expecting to hear that she had raised some $60 to $80 or so (in itself, greatly appreciated). Not so — Betty had made and sold $1,100 worth of fudge! Amazing!

After talking to Betty, I learned that following the loss of a loved one through a terrible illness, on an annual basis, she, on her own, raises and donates money for local charities.

If this is not a perfect example of community spirit, then I do not know what is.

RCM-SAR Unit 29, myself, and our whole community should be gratitude to this wonderful lady.

Further donations for a new vessel can be made by visiting our website.

Nick Epp-Evans

Station Leader

Ladysmith RCM-SAR