Ladysmith resident tips her hat to the town’s maintenance crew

Ann Calder lauds the efforts of Ladysmith's town gardeners for keeping our town and parks "so neat and tidy."


It needs to be said. Congratulations to all of the hard-working Ladysmith maintenance crew who make Ladysmith a wonderful city.

I love going down to Transfer Beach whenever I am feeling down or I just want to ponder things. It is so beautiful and pristine with those lovely memorial benches. I read the inscriptions on each bench, and things in my life are put into perspective. The entire beach is so neat and tidy.

I am so proud to call Ladysmith my home and pleased that any tourists who visit can find the same beauty that I so enjoy. Hats off!!!

Just a suggestion: it may serve well to put some sawdust on the soggy grassy areas.

Ann Calder