Letter: Building spirit

Editor: I am so glad to live in Ladysmith.I went for a walk on Saturday, March 12. As I was heading home, I saw cars parked along the area of Brown Park.The park area was swarming with people and much activity as they were busy building a new recreation area for the children of this community.The atmosphere was bustling and lively and much had been accomplished. Across the street, one of the neighbours had set up a covered area with refreshments for the workers.I am so impressed with the community spirit in our town.We hear complaints and negative remarks about Ladysmith, but to live in a town that will give up their weekend and come out in the rain to volunteer and build a kids playground, that’s the kind of town I want to live in!Thank you to each of you. You are not only building a playground, but your great attitudes are building a community.Rosemary LeoLadysmith