Letter: Dog park urged

Editor: I am writing in strong support of the submitted proposal of a park for dogs along with facilities for them and their handlers with two separate areas for larger and smaller dogs based on the Cowichan design built in Duncan.The main difference to the proposal presented is the request for a larger space than half an acre. Each dog area, particularly for the larger ones, needs more than that, plus space for facilities. It seems to me an area of two acres would not be unreasonable, considering the sites which Ladysmith owns.I appreciate the fact that this is a preliminary hearing and that further review will be required, such as the principal, design, location and financing.This town has provided admirably, many facilities at great expense for people of all ages. Now it’s the dogs turn. How many of those do we have? Surely, Ladysmith can raise funds for this large population.Penelope LaycockLadysmith