Letter to the Editor: Campsites needed

Editor: Just how long and how much effort has been expended on council’s request to have a campsite location studied?So far there has been nothing I am aware of reported. Did the request by the downtown business association sink so far into The “UNDER CONSIDERATION” bag that staff was unable to find it so a study could commence?At the present time, the obvious area for a campsite located on the right on the road down to Transfer Beach is a dumping ground. I checked on the above date and the yellow steel gate was not locked and standing open. Beyond the gate is a collection of logs, large rocks and other flotsam. If your wondering who is responsible for creating this eyesore on the way to Transfer Beach I would suggest you ask for the key to the lock at our public works offices.It is a complete mystery why those that sit in the chairs of wisdom around the town council table, have trouble grasping the importance of a place to park visiting recreation vehicles. This site was an operating RV parking area in the past. The reason for shutting it down is even more bizarre than the thinking behind not reactivating it. Is it so hard to realize that the money in the pockets of visiting RV owners could boost the tills on First Avenue?Instead of showing interest in an RV parking area our ever wise minions on council get excited about bike lanes and ghost trolleys which are not being used. Don HarrisonLadysmith