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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Consider giving to a Ladysmith charity

Giving Tuesday and National Philanthropy Day fall in November
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To the editor,

It’s November, and we are about to enter the season of shopping for special gifts. But November is also about another kind of giving. It’s an important month for charities and other non-profits all across Canada, and that includes Ladysmith. According to information available from the Canada Revenue Agency, there are more than 40 registered charities doing good things in our community. These organizations rely heavily on the generosity of people and organizations who donate to them – what is often referred to as philanthropy.

In the midst of mega-sales and the lead-up to holiday spending, there are reminders that we can consider the needs of others too. Nov. 28 is Giving Tuesday, an incentive to make a donation to your favourite charity in the community. Nov. 15 is recognized worldwide as National Philanthropy Day, a celebration of giving, and those who give.

Ladysmith does not officially have a community foundation, but the Ladysmith Community Fund Society has established an endowment fund that operates like a community foundation.

Since November comes near the end of the calendar year, it’s also a time when people think about making charitable gifts, which earn them income tax deductions at tax time. So your philanthropy will help a hard-working charity, reduce your income tax a little, and it’ll make you feel good too.

Bruce Whittington, Ladysmith Community Fund Society

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