Letter to the Editor – Disgusting act

Ladysmith Chronicle letters



Disgusted! That’s how I felt when I read about the attack on people after a night of drinking at Sporty’s pub. I have talked with friends about this, and all were just as appalled as I was. I do not think this is a “Ladysmith” trend, but I do see it as a trend in some people in our society now. Why would so many people attack a small group of people? What was the reason? Was any reason valid? I shake my head still wondering what was going on that could cause this, and wondering if it was what went on, or was it just wrong place wrong time?

One thing for sure is alcohol was definitely a factor.  Alcohol is a great primer for all we may want to initiate, but a poor excuse for what I read happened on our streets after a pub closes. Although I have seen a few fights after and during a pub night, never have I seen this kind of attack.

The point I want to make here is there will be many that saw what happened, some were right there up close, beating and hitting the people. Some were watching this happen, and they will have to live with the thoughts about what they witnessed. Some will read this paper, you are the people I am writing to now, will you come clean, will you let the police know what happened? What really happened? If you do, just maybe that could stop this from happening again, just maybe.

You decide, because you are the ones that will have to live with it, and if, and I would say when it happens again, you might be even closer to what happens.

Brent Browning