Letter to the Editor: Fed up with rhetoric

Editor:I am sure I am not alone when I say it was most disappointing to listen to the rhetoric of the parties seeking votes in this past election. As it most always happens the senior citizens of Canada are unfortunately pushed to the back of the line of important subjects to talk about. I often wonder if the people seeking office give any thought to the welfare of seniors. We were the ones that helped build this country that they now seek to control. We were the ones that helped to save this world from the tyranny of Hitler and the Japanese juggernaut. There are still some of us that vividly remember the hell of the Great Depression. There are many seniors that missed on accumulating enough credits in Canada pension because it was established late in our working lives. Now these seniors depend on the guaranteed income supplement to exist.Only one leader held up any hope for improvement in seniors standard of living but failed to expand on it or even mention it during the campaign. The present finance minister said he would increase the senior couples income by $840 annually and by heaven he did it with glee and pride. This works out to $35 per person. Now what does he think a couple can do with $70 per month? It never ceases to astound me when I see our government rushing off to try and settle some conflict on the other side of the world without any consideration of the cost. Case in point — sending our air force fighters to Libya to assist the people try to overthrow Ghadafi. It required large support equipment etc and the cost was in the millions, yet Canadian seniors have to sit back and be quiet with substandard living. The Libyan citizens will eventually solve their problems and when they do will they remember Canada and the part our military played in their struggle? I doubt it very much. More likely they will continue to regard us as infidels and welcome in terrorists to continue their Jihad against the western nations. I sometimes wonder if our politicians treat their own Mom’s and Dad’s as shabbily as they do the other Mom’s and Dad’s of our great country.Don HarrisonLadysmith